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Petition to the United Nations to recognise June 22nd as World Bathing Day

We, the undersigned request that June 22nd be declared by the United Nations, ‘World Bathing Day’ or ‘International Day of Bathing’ for the following reasons:

1. Bathing is an enjoyable, peaceful, social, multicultural and multigenerational activity that forms a common link across diverse cultural, spiritual and religious traditions and plays a critical role in ensuring good health, dignity, confidence and comfort.

2. Bathing includes sanitary practices such as washing the body, face and hair, along with handwashing and cleansing practices after toileting and menstruation that play a vital role in preventing and controlling human disease. Access to bathing is therefore a critical health issue.

3. One third of the people on earth cannot access bathing water. These include the nearly one billion people without access to sufficient drinking water or food, the 2.4 billion people who lack access to bathing water and the 2.4 billion people who suffer from tuberculosis and other endemic diseases.

4. Access to water has a major impact on the health and future prospects of the world’s poor. Every day nearly 1000 children die from water-related disease and women and girls spend 200 million hours simply gathering water. To them water is time, education and hope.

5. The designation of World Bathing Day will be a celebration of water and the diverse rituals and cultural traditions associated with the act of bathing and cleansing. This day will also draw attention to the plight of people for whom bathing is not yet an option and increase our resolve to work towards a time when bathing is possible for all.


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