Everyone can get involved, whether you run a hot springs business or just love bathing

June 22 2018 represented the inaugural celebration of World Bathing Day, a global event shining a spotlight on the vital importance of humanity’s relationship with water for health, community and cultural purposes. We had participants from 15 countries around the world posting images on the event’s primary social media platform, Instagram. These countries included New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, UK, Iran, South Africa, Peru, Mexico and the USA.

In 2019, our primary focus will again be calling for individuals, businesses and organisations to post sunrise bathing images on Instagram.




Sunrise Pics

Get Involved by sharing a beautiful sunrise bathing image on Instagram! #worldbathingday

Step #1

Find your local hot springs, sauna, waterhole, river or beach.

Step #2

Look up the sunrise time for that place on June 22 2019.

Step #3

On the day, take a photo which captures the ‘moment’ then share on Instagram and hashtag #worldbathingday (the rising sun, the water, the people and the location)

You can keep track of highlights as they’re reposted on the official event Instagram @worldbathingday_

Register Your Event

Get involved by registering an event for 2019 World Bathing Day

Step #1

Collaborate with friends, family and colleagues to organise a sunrise bathing session at your local hot springs or bath house on June 22 2019. Have fun and be creative, perhaps even pick a theme which makes your event stand out! You could be holding a beautiful yoga pose or simply floating in a remote location.

Step #2

Register your event so that it can be added to the global map of 2019 World Bathing Day participants. If you’re looking for inspiration here are of few ideas: Sunrise ceremony with live music, Hot Springs Yoga, Aqua Zumba, Water aerobics, Body Clay experiences, Sauna and Hamam experiences, Salt bathing (float). 

Step #3

On the day, take a photo which captures the ‘moment’ (the rising sun, the water, the people and the location). Then share the stunning image on your personal or business’ Instagram account, remembering the hashtag #worldbathingday (You can keep track of highlights as they’re reposted on the official event Instagram @worldbathingday_)

Benefits of participation

Have fun! Connect with the global bathing community & raise awareness about the health and cultural importance of bathing


Baby in a Bucket

Get involved by sharing a cute Instagram photo of your baby bathing in a bucket of water! #babyinabucket

Step #1

Find a bucket, preferably one with a story that tells about your culture.

Step #2

Partly fill the bucket with water and carefully place your baby inside, mindful that they are in a comfortable and safe position.

Step #3

Take a cute photo of your baby bathing in the bucket and then when ready carefully lift the baby back out. Share the image on Instagram, remembering the hashtag #babyinabucket. You might also like to talk about the important of water (for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing) in your lives.


We welcome individuals, businesses, governments and organisations to develop other initiatives which support the Bathe the World Foundation’s work. 

Some examples for World Bathing Day 2018 include Glen Ivy Hot Springs donating $US1 from each admission on the day to water.org which saw a total of $US1019 raised.

Wilbur Hot Springs very generously donated 10% of accommodation revenues from June 1-22 2018 as well as proceeds from selling their CD ‘Water Songs’ to water.org.

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