Everyone can get involved, whether you love bathing or even if you operate a bathing facility

Since its inception in 2018, thousands of people have gathered to shine a spotlight on the vital importance of humanity’s interdependent relationship with water for wellbeing, community and culture. We have had participants engaging from all over the world, including: New Zealand, Iran, Iceland, Japan, Serbia, Fiji, England, Sweden, France, the USA, Scotland, Croatia, Norway, Brazil, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece, Indonesia, Finland, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, India, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.

This year our call is (1) for individuals and bathing facilities to post bathing images on social media with the hashtag #worldbathingday, and (2) for bathing venues to host a live musical performance as part of the “Global Sound Bath” which can be experienced in-person and also viewed as a whole global event online.


bathing stories

Get Involved by sharing an image of yourself bathing with friends and family on social media with the hashtag #worldbathingday

Step #1

Make plans with friends and family to visit your favourite hot springs, sauna, river, beach or harbour bath

Step #2

On June 22, take a photo or video together and post it on social media with the hashtag #worldbathingday

You can keep track of highlights as they’re reposted on the official event’s social media.

Global Sound Bath

Join our “Global Sound Bath” musical celebration.

For the month of June, we invite bathing venues to team up with local musical artists and host performances as part of the “Global Sound Bath” experience which follows the path of the Sun around Earth, and celebrates our universal connection through music and water.

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