Now is the time of reconnecting, reuniting and rebirth for our global community

Happy World Bathing Day 2024

Check out the official World Bathing Day 2024 Global Sound Bath video compilation with musical artists performing at their local bathing places.


World Bathing Day


On June 22, people around the planet are invited to celebrate humanity’s common connection to water through the practice of hot springs bathing. The simple act of immersing oneself in thermal hot springs water has the power to break down barriers between people of different backgrounds and to bring communities closer together. At this time of great change, bathing reminds us of the interconnections between the wellbeing of our communities and the wellbeing of our planet.

How to get involved

Everyone can get involved, whether you love hot springs bathing or even if you operate a hot springs bathing facility


Since its inception in 2018, thousands of people have gathered to shine a spotlight on the vital importance of humanity’s interdependent relationship with water for wellbeing, community and culture. We have had participants engaging from all over the world, including: New Zealand, Iran, Iceland, Japan, Serbia, Fiji, England, Sweden, France, the USA, Scotland, Croatia, Norway, Brazil, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece, Indonesia, Finland, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, India, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.

On the 22 June 2024, we will again be inviting individuals and bathing facilities to post bathing images on social media with the hashtag #worldbathingday, and for the second year we are inviting bathing venues to join our “Global Sound Bath”, a musical showcase featuring musical artists across the globe.


Get involved by sharing an image of yourself bathing at your favourite hot springs with friends and family on social media with the hashtag #worldbathingday

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Tune in to live musical performances through our and our hot springs partners’ social media channels

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Partner Organisations


Working together to make a difference

World Bathing Day's development is being nurtured by a diverse range of bathing organisations around the planet.

Here are some of our partners:

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