‘People coming together across the world to celebrate water, and the cultures it supports, through the practice of bathing


World Bathing Day

The day will draw attention to our connection with the environment and the state of the world’s water in which we all bathe, as well as drawing awareness to the plight of people for whom bathing is not yet an option and rallying actions to create a world where bathing is possible for all. Whether you run a business within the hot springs tourism and bathing industry or just love bathing, there’s many ways for you to get involved.

In 2019, 25 countries were represented in the inaugural World Bathing Day.

In 2020, the event's third year, we're aiming for 40 countries to be represented.

World Bathing Day is an initiative of the Bathe the World Foundation.

In its infancy the day is being led by the global hot springs industry but embracing bathing of all kinds: geothermal, mineral, steam and sauna.

How to get involved

Everyone can get involved, whether you run a hot springs business or just love bathing

June 22 2019 represented the second annual celebration of World Bathing Day, a global event shining a spotlight on the vital importance of humanity’s relationship with water for health, community and cultural purposes. We had participants engaging from all over the world, including: New Zealand, Australia, the Phillipines, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, India, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, United Kingdom, Iran, South Africa and the United States of America

In 2020, our primary focus will again be calling for individuals, businesses and organisations to post sunrise bathing images on Instagram.


Get Involved by sharing a beautiful sunrise bathing image on Instagram! #worldbathingday

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A bucket of water for everybody, everyday.

Bathe the World Foundation’s mission is to explore and promote the benefits of bathing and provide access to clean flowing water through research, education, advocacy, awareness campaigns, events and the provision of bathing facilities.



Working together to make a difference

World Bathing Day's development is being closely nurtured by the global hot springs industry, in particular the Global Wellness Institute's Hot Spring Initiative. Some of our key strategic partners are listed below.

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