World Bathing Day, June 22

Join us in celebrating water and the diverse rituals and cultural traditions associated with the act of bathing and cleansing.


Here’s how to get involved

We’ve created a collective Instagram page for the event, @worldbathingday, on which we will be sharing posts from hot springs around the globe. So that we can share your incredible photos, please remember to use the hashtag #worldbathingday when posting on your business or personal Instagram account. We also encourage your guests to post. Our goal is to create a picture of people relaxing in hot springs as the sun rises and sets at each location. Different cultures and different landscapes, but one global community. The first year will provide us with both the experience and learning on how to make it better and also great images to help grow the event in years to come.

We look forward to sharing that natural connecting warmth of hot springs throughout the globe.

Charles Davidson
World Bathing Day Ambassador


Our bigger vision

Join us in supporting Bathe the World Foundation with their petition to the United Nations to declare 22 June World Bathing Day. World Bathing Day will be an annual celebration of bathing in all cultures of the world. For more details and to sign the petition visit the link here.